What is vidget “Delivery-Auto” like?

It is a software product that quickly allows any internet-resource to integrate with the site of “Delivery”.

   Who is interested in the “Delivery-Auto” vidget? 

  • Owners of the internet shops that decided to cooperate with the company “Delivery” and would like to provide their clients the most convenient interface to track the deliveries.
  • Internet resources to track the cargo and parcels. 

   What is “Delivery-Auto” vidget for? 

Advantages of using “Delivery-Auto” vidget are in the fact that it expands the possibilities of the internet resource where it is installed. 

   Functions of the vidget “Delivery-Auto” for the clients of the internet resource 

  • Search of the receipt. It allows a client after entering the receipt number to receive information about the warehouses of sending and arrival, time of sending and arrival, status of the cargo and price of sending through the company “Delivery”.
  • Tracking of the receipt.  It allows a client after entering the receipt number to receive information about movement of the cargo.
  • Map of the closest representative offices.  On the basis of the client’s IP-address, it shows the nearest representative offices of the company “Delivery”. 

   Necessary requirements for the installation 

Vidget “Delivery-Auto” is free.

In order to install the vidget for the internet resource, it is necessary to use only access to hosting, any text editor and code from “Delivery”. All the source codes are open and allow to change the outlook and the contents of the vidget as a whole.

The vidget uses extension Html and javasctipt (jquery), which allows to incorporate it into any internet resource. 

   Safety guarantees 

Open source codes is a guarantee that hazardous parts of codes are not added inside. 



 PM > install-package Delivery_Widget