Delivery GROUP is actively working towards the development of international transportation

We present to your attention changes within the service - "Export mail" *

1) From now on you can send parcels to Moldova and Belarus

2) The list of European countries for delivery has been increased, more details here

3) Reduced tariffs for delivery to Poland (for example: the new tariff for delivery of a parcel weighing up to 5 kg is - 512 UAH, previously it was - 1216 UAH.)

4) Delivery of documents to recipients in Poland and Germany at the hands of a special tariff - to Poland - 330 UAH, to Germany - 704 UAH.

The sending process is very simple:

- You need to come to any branch of the company

- You must have:

• Identity document if you have not used our services before

• Things you want to send, please note that if you put them in a box, do not pack it, the operator must make sure that there are no things in the box that are prohibited from sending

• Name and full address of the recipient (including postal code) and telephone number of the recipient

- After entering the data into the system and the operator prints the customs declaration, you need to check the accuracy of all entered data and, if there are no comments, sign it.

This completes the submission process.

We invite you to try this service, we will be glad to see you in our branches

* The service is provided in "beta" mode, ie the current status of the parcel can be found only by contacting the support service, the approximate time of inclusion of the possibility of online tracking of the status of parcels - 1 month.

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